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CSR: Consider Staff Requests

Consider Staff Requests:

Your team represents you - they make up your company and they have a whole host of skills, experiences, and interests. How well do you know them?

  • Do you know the local football teams that they support?

  • Do you know if they volunteer or give a regular donation to a local charity?

  • What matters to them? If it matters to them surely it matters to you too.

Consider the resources that you required in your journey into this career..ity programme, get your team involved. CSR isn't just about doing good externally; it's about being a good employer and supporting your staff - it will always be reflected outwards and your reputation will grow.

You know that old adage about remembering where you came from? Well, consider the resources that you required in your journey into this career:

  • If you didn't have the financial backing at home to buy the tools you needed to finish your education, your training or your degree would you have known who to approach for support?

  • If you hadn't had a relative to guide you would you be where you are now?

  • Do you have laptops available to share with a student who cannot afford one?

  • Do your team have books that could benefit a work returner who may not have the disposable income to pay for them?

I benefitted from free school meals as a child and I wore it like a badge of honour: I joined the front of the queue and chose the best dessert. I'm rather proud of my mum for working incredibly hard to give us everything we needed. After a house fire, our community rallied around us, providing us with clothes, bedding, toys and books. We repaid this kindness when we were able to and never forgot who helped us along the way. This doesn't just apply to friends and family members - your employees are your community too. Reach out to them and they will not forget that you did so.

How can these requests be linked to your business? There will be a way, you just have to look for it, with your team's full support, of course.

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