Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

What is CSR and how does it work? How can you make a difference to your local community, and how can that benefit your business?  Read on for the answers to these questions and more...


Corporate Social Responsibility explained. Why it benefits the community and you. Whether you're new to CSR or have experience, take a look.


Having a Corporate Social Responsibility policy and an active plan helps both the community and your business. Read on to find out how.


You may have a CSR policy in place but no active plans. You may wish to increase your CSR activity. Let us help you to maximise your opportunities to help the community and your business.


Jen Healy Innovations is here to help. Whether you need to start from scratch in developing a policy, or you need help actively engaging with your community, take a look at see how we work.


What is CSR?


You may have come across the initialism 'CSR' but what is it?

Explaining the initialism to mean 'Corporate Social Responsibility' may not lead you to any further conclusions!

CSR is defined as ". . . private business self-regulation that aims to contribute to societal goals of a philanthropic, activist, or charitable nature by engaging in or supporting volunteering or ethically-oriented practices" (Wikipedia)

My own definition is "Doing good things: good for the world, for the community and for the future of your business and your industry. CSR is good for you and good for your business; it maximises supportive, interactive opportunities for every stakeholder."

New to CSR


CSR is usually self-initiated; there are only a few instances where it is imposed. Should a company have a Corporate Social Responsibility policy and actively get involved in their community? Absolutely!

A couple of examples of CSR activity:

  • hosting a work placement or work shadowing opportunity

  • delivering a careers presentation to a local school or college

A half-hour assembly, joining a careers workshop, supporting a local initiative such as a litter-pick, sponsoring a community event, one-to-one mentoring sessions or workplace visits are all activities that benefit those in your local community; and allow you to give something back. Here are a few examples of the advantages to you and your business:

  • A huge sense of value, achievement and pride

  • Opportunities to learn from your local community and the future employees and leaders in your industry

  • Good news stories, excellent PR opportunities

  • New ideas sparked by a different audience

  • Working with a different talent pool for future recruitment

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Have experience of CSR?


You may have a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy in place, but how actively are you contributing to your local community? Studies show that CSR functions are responsible for more than 40% of a company’s reputation. (Forbes)

CSR can also reduce your employee turnover rate by a staggering 50% - employees are more engaged and committed to a business that engages in meaningful CSR (Good360)

Using sustainable, potentially recycled materials engenders a positive message to your customers, and to your employees "we're not just here to make money, we're here making positive a positive impact and we'll encourage our clients and customers to do the same" - that's absolutely one way of demonstrating your Corporate Social Responsibility. However, actively engaging in your local community brings much wider benefits.

Good CSR practice brings your business publicity, and makes your business money. Being actively involved in CSR practice does not have to cost a huge amount either. 

As an example, as yourselves, which company you'd give your business two from the following two examples:

  • One company pitches to you and includes information about their community outreach support, work experience placements, career presentations, local procurement and the use of sustainable materials throughout their business.

  • The second company pitches to you and includes information about their annual charitable donation.

In this scenario, we are absolutely not denying that charitable donations make a huge impact, but there is value in human interaction and ethical practice too.

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What can we do?


Whether your business is new to Corporate Social Responsibility, or you have a policy in place but want to increase your activity / community engagement, Jen Healy Innovations can work with you.

We can work on a policy and a strategy with your business; we can formulate and manage opportunities to engage with the community and liaise with stakeholders on your behalf.

Employing us as your consultant will save you time and help to channel your efforts to areas of the

community that will benefit the most and, in return, offer you the opportunity to maximise marketing and PR opportunities both internally and externally. Your staff will be more motivated and you're likely to retain staff by giving them opportunities to pay it forward.

Your business has much to give to the outside work, other than the products and services that you offer. Your experience, your knowledge and your advice is invaluable to students and to those deciding on a career - an insight into your business can be invaluable. We can provide you with opportunities to meet those keen to learn more.

Contributing to your local community is priceless and yet costs so little - talk to us about getting an active CSR plan in place and making the most of the opportunities it brings


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