Meet the Team

Jen Healy

Jen Healy is the Founder and CEO, she leads the JHI team.  A sharer of joy, nothing makes her happier than seeing other people share valuable experiences which benefit all involved.


Jen likes spending time with her husband and two small children, catching up with family and friends over some good food and chilling out watching box sets whilst eating takeaway.


She finds inspiration whilst washing up or hoovering and regularly 'asks Alexa' to put things on her to do list to action when her hands are less soapy.  Jen is the ideas and contacts person in the Team, if you need a fresh perspective and need to know where to direct your energy, Jen H is the one to do it.

Jen Healy

Jen Gant

I started working with Jen and JHI in April 2020 and although this was a completely new industry for me, I felt so supported and well cared for when I joined the team. Jen treats her employees in the same way as she does her clients. With huge amounts of care, support and respect. 

My role as the Admin Assistant for JHI means I support Jen H with all administrative activity. I attend client meetings, follow up on research and liaise with our clients and their local communities.  

I love that JHI seeks to help organisations provide support to their local area and helping them achieve that is incredibly rewarding. The support organisations can offer is so varied.  It could be helping local young people find work experience, linking up organisations with local charities or initiatives or providing educational resources to students. There is no limit to the opportunities that could be explored and I find that incredibly exciting. 

Jen Gant

Gemma Small

I first met Jen when we had similar aged babies at a breastfeeding group 6 years ago, and we have been firm friends ever since - she couldn't shake me off!


I had enjoyed being a stay at home mum for five of those but when Jen began JHI in 2018 and it exploded, she asked if I would assist her with all of the extra tasks she couldn't quite fit into her ever increasing schedule. Overnight I became her PA!

I managed the complete the booking process for our clients throughout Open Doors Construction 2020 ( which gave me further insight into how the construction industry can welcome students onto site for tours and workplace visits.


I am very grateful to have been with JHI since its grassroots, and really enjoy assisting Jen in the amazing work she has been doing, providing such a valuable service to companies needing CSR support.

Gemma Small

Watch this space

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We are excited to welcome new members to our team as the company grows. Take a look at our Work Experience  with JHI page to see how we're offering opportunities to young people to gain an insight into the world of CSR and to help them decide on a choice of career.