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CSR during a pandemic - How to inspire and engage with your potential future employees remotely. 


There has never been a better time to consider how your resources could support someone in need.  With many companies taking the opportunity to sponsor local community initiatives, consider how your contribution could positively impact the industry you are part of.  


Electronic devices are being donated to schools and colleges to share with low-income households, virtual careers fairs offer companies a platform for learners to learn more about the working world, employees are joining vaccination drives to support the NHS. If you would like guidance on how your company could utilise your resources, please get in touch.


Our mission is to provide organisations with the initiatives, support and implementation of innovative CSR strategies that will enhance your delivery of future projects within the local community.


Our specialism and expertise is within the Construction Industry, early careers and education sector, supporting organisations to develop their strategy successfully, through a Community Employment/Engagement Plan, ensuring a positive experience for all parties.


  • We recognise the value in skill development and learning 

  • Our links with key stakeholders are wide ranging, varied and creative

  • Our working relationships and mutual collaboration continue to drive success

  • Our pathways will assist in bridging the gap between supply and demand, for UK workers and learners, to fill the vacancies in construction

“Government and all expert commentators agree:  the UK is not building enough homes.  Despite efforts to increase house building we build 100,000 fewer homes per year than we need”.   Local Government Association February 2020

“Construction output will grow by 1.3% a year.  168,500 construction jobs will be created.”  Construction Skills Network (CSN) report 2019-2023

Whilst we have time to proactively plan, why not give us a call to discuss how we can work with you in future months to support and champion your ambitions to achieve your CSR goals.


Looking to add a CSR strategy to your business but not sure where to start? Need help planning or executing your next community project? Let us guide you. Any organisation can move forward with small incremental changes, but building for the future in today’s rapidly evolving environment means taking bold chances and making insightful decisions.

  • Design of bespoke strategies tailored to meet the demands of your business, on a local, national or global level.

  • Creating working relationships with companies that are in need of voluntary/charitable support from your industry

  • Environmental and Economic Responsibility

  • Philanthropic Initiatives

  • Ethical Business Practices


With years of experience, our team has the capabilities and expertise to help your students identify, develop and apply their individual skills to ease the transition from education to a working environment. At Jen Healy Innovations, we combine our insights and skills to prepare your students for employment.

  • Motivational Assemblies

  • CV Writing Workshops

  • Work Experience Placement Support

  • Mock Interview Sessions

  • Interaction with representatives from industry


We offer the complete management of your events, from concept to conclusion, across multiple sites.


Here’s a taster of the bespoke support we can offer, for multiple sites within your organisation.  We are able to: 


  • Offer a personalised service to each of the sites you wish to participate.

  • Target the audiences you would most like to visit your site, be it students, ex-military, women in construction, job changers and job seekers, ex-offenders and more.

  • Manage and administer the bookings from beginning to end.

  • Liaise with your visitors from booking through to site visit.

  • Liaise with your site team, suggesting a programme of activities based on site facilities and space available.

  • Liaise with your PR/Media teams to draw up the marketing collateral to send to your target audience.

  • Draw up a detailed running order of the day.

  • Arrange lessons learned sessions, following the events, including an overall report for future reference.

  • Support your team in sourcing appropriate training.

  • We can suggest and source appropriate marketing materials and resources for use on the day.

  • We can prepare bespoke ppt presentations, should these be required.

  • We can attend on site during the event.


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