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CSR: Can Students Relate?

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Can Students Relate?

Who can a young person speak to about Careers Guidance and advice in your company? If you don't have a dedicated Early Careers Co-ordinator, do you have a point of contact in each department? Someone interested in inspiring and developing new talent to share the reality of the working world

How clear are your job descriptions? Could a 15-year old understand EXACTLY what is required from each role? What elements can be taught? What real life experiences could support an application? Is a degree necessary for the role or can it be achieved in the role?

I would encourage every company to look at their websites, careers pdfs and presentations and question whether you're really answering the questions that workforce joiners need to know.

  • What job titles make up the company ladder, from the bottom to the top?

  • How does an apprentice get to be MD?

  • What happens along the way, when and how? Everyone’s routes and experiences differ so put all options out there!

If you require assistance in making your employability opportunities more appealing to your future workforce, we'd love to talk to you and support you to support them.

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