• Jennifer Healy

CSR: Careers Speeches Resonate

You are FASCINATING! You, sitting right there! You're just doing your job right? You chose your route through education and your career. You may have been through college, an apprenticeship, a degree, a traineeship. You've had ups, you've had downs, you may have changed courses, moved into a different industry, joined a new company, haggled for a pay rise, you may have been made redundant or started up your own business, you may have taken on apprentices, retrained ... and now you're right here. With a ton of experience that you aren't sharing!

My company was built on my lived experiences: part-time work from the age of 14; leaving school half way through my A-Levels; joining the working world; leaving a job that paid well but made me unhappy; joining a company that offered me the chance to share this experience and starting a company that allowed me to work around my family. That's me... it's not all been rosy but it led me here. The young people, industry joiners and work returners that I have worked with have all benefitted from me sharing my story.

Whatever route you have taken, please share it!

  • That kid in Year 10 wants to be you but doesn't know what experience would be useful.

  • That apprentice wants to learn from you but doesn't know how to contact you.

  • That woman who is returning to work after 8 years away needs your support in rebuilding her confidence before she considers joining your company.

  • The fella who was made redundant and needs some mentoring to know others have been through similar challenges doesn't know that you have been there and made it through.

Sharing is caring - my 3 year old knows that and likes to quote it when I have a chocolate bar! If you've lived it, please share it and, if you need help in doing that, you know where I am (please bring chocolate - don't tell my child!)

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