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CSR: Colleges/Schools Referral (units)

Colleges Schools Referral units:

Many companies are approached to support careers events within education to encourage students to find out more, and potentially explore a route and eventually a career in that sector. Is this a nice thing to do? Yes! But it is more than just a tick-box exercise for employability, careers support and community interaction -


An inspiring and relatable careers presentation could lead to a work placement, mentorship, apprenticeship, degree and fully fledged career in your company and you could have followed that journey, supported that young person, from the very start. I find that quite beautiful - and not just for the student, but for the mentor that inspired them and the company that helped them to grow.

Whilst working in schools, our certificates for initiative, creativity, leadership and motivation often went to the “naughty kids” - those disengaged with their current setting and chomping at the bit to move into the working world. Pupil Referral Units (PRUs) or Alternative Provision Centres (APCs) may not appeal to all professionals as a place to give a presentation but, personally, I have never been made to feel more welcome, the questions from the group created inspiring conversation and I left wanting to offer each participant a work placement opportunity.

  • With an increased focus on the individual and not the grades, are you taking the opportunity to nurture young talent or do you wait for them to come to you?

  • Would you rather see the CV or meet the human?

  • Do you have time for it?

My Business Guests often comment that interacting with young people has created new avenues for their own CPD and personal upskilling. It also creates a sense of pride as they reflect on their own pathways whilst sharing that with others.

How much money is being spent on recruitment that could be channelled into early careers so that you have a pool of future talent when that next opportunity for procurement arises?

Talk to us for help with educational engagement - it's something we know about and can help you to see the value and connect.

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