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CSR: Creating Suitable Resources

Creating Suitable Resources:

How is your company website looking? Mine was looking like it needed a post-pandemic tidy (much like my scruffy mum bun!) and so we contacted Miranda at 2408 to help us freshen it all up.

  • Would industry joiners view your company as approachable?

  • Does your website appeal to those wishing to learn more about how they can join you.

I asked our VWEX students to take a look at ours and give me some feedback so that we can continue to produce the content that they wanted to see. Our website isn't just for our clients; it's for future employees and people visiting for information - it's our 'shop window' and the online resource that represents your business.

The days of a printed brochure are long gone - if you want to share resources, provide a QR code or weblink, join a virtual Careers Fair like the OxLEP Skills Find Your Future platform where there is no need for branded pens and plastic tat. Create promotional items that support the industry you represent, or your branded items just become landfill. Seed balls and boxes really appealed to one of our clients who were looking for a green community gift to encourage people to use their outside spaces.

If you don't know which items would support your future workforce, ask them. Pop a quick survey together and offer a prize draw reward of an online voucher to encourage people to give their opinion. Whatever you share and however you share it, be it information or resources, make sure you aren't wasting time doing what you have always done (as you'll always stay where you always were!). A fresh approach will bring fresh ideas and attract a talent pool of budding potential employees.

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